Pen Drive!


I love technology! Specially if it is cute and modern! This pen drive from “Mimoco” is so nice! This american company created a whole colection of cool pen drives.  Can you imagine keep your precious informations inside a pink little monster? Or inside a green scary monster? It is a mix of toy art and technology.

Some of then are a limited edition, like the star war caracters. It is amazing! You can check then at . All the pen drives have a capacity of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB. But the price is not so cool…  149 dolars for the 8GB! Just with Genie’s little help…



 Dear Genie’s lamp, I wish I could visit the paradise, a calm place, a lot of beaches, sun and beautiful people, where I can enjoy my vacacions. Where is this place? Porto de Galinhas, more exactly in Nannai Resort Hotel, in Recife, Brazil. There is nothing similar, they have bungalos over the water, very good food, service, everything first class! Very romantic, the place is perfect to have a honey-moon. Enjoy a private hydro pool and a magnificent particular beach, have a big trouble waking up looking at the beautfull sea and choosing between a morning walk by the beach or a special massage in a outdoor tent, hard question! Thanks Genie, I promess I will finish my to do list for this year!

The New Toy Art

It is not very common to find brasilian products selling in big stores in USA. The latest news was the arrival of the perfum HI from the brasilian stylist Isabela Capeto, on Henri Bendel shelves, In New York. In love with the world of smells, Isabela created a new bottle for her perfume – also in a little doll shape – that can be custumized with color pens, making it a really toy art. Isabela loves the brasilian summer, so she thoght about something that could eternalize the memory of a beautiful day at the beach and walk by the sea, I loved it!! The perfum smells very good and also it is a great decoration item. It is a great gift to somebody you love!

Mac Book Pro in Gold

After the huge sucess of Mac Air, the “ultra thin and ultra portable” laptop, now it is time for the Apple Macbook Pro in gold! The gold-plated laptop is made by a company called Computer Choppers and has the apple logo studded with diamonds, oh yeah, that’s it!Polished with 24 karat gold! For those who never saw an Apple laptop working, the best part is to see the apple simbol, outside the computer, lighting up with the screen. Now can you imagine a diamond apple? Make anybody feels like a fool looking at it! The prices are a little bit sharp, but even this way there is a waiting line!



US$6.500 for the 15” model

US$8.000 for the 17” model 

US$9.500 for the 15” model with diamonds